Adam Castle

Tonight Tonight

No More

a project by Adam Castle

Performance, five video installations and an audio installation across the whole St. Cecilia’s Hall museum of music on 1 May 2018. Commissioned by Talbot Rice Gallery.

“Things are coming to an end. And so we do this one final time”

A cabaret singer and an emcee await their ultimate curtain call. An orchestra finds its services replaced and redundant. Tonight Tonight No One No More (2018) by Adam Castle, is an evening of momentous final moments told through musical theatre, live organ and video installation. The event takes place in St. Cecilia’s Hall, where songs and stories lead you through the historic building. Once Magdalene Cairns' Excelsior Ballroom for social dancing in the 1940s, the venue is now a museum of music. Swelling with the triumph of stepping onstage and the regret of being forced offstage, Tonight Tonight No One No More is a world of euphoric sweats and nostalgic tears.

Tonight Tonight No One No More is a project by Adam Castle, commissioned by Talbot Rice Gallery as the culmination of a residency that featured a research trip to the Venice Biennale 2017.
Written and directed by Adam Castle
Featuring improvisation from the cast
Musical composition by Aidan Teplitzky
Cast: Julie Heatherill and Mark Kydd
Lyrics by Adam Castle with additional writing by Aidan Teplitzky and Dávid Baqais.
Videography by Daniel Cook
Produced and edited by Adam Castle

With thanks to
Sarah Deters
Stuart Fallon
Tommy Stuart
Dee O’Leary
Ian Davide Bugarin Apolis
Katy Castle
Rosie Castle
Joanna Macmillan
St. Cecilia’s Hall
Talbot Rice Gallery

Reid School of Music

Photos by Mihaela Bodlovic

Adam Castle