a film by Adam Castle

A film by Adam Castle

Partnership explores the relationship between the on-screen romance language and the language of corporate aspiration. Borrowing text from tutorials on how to use your body language for business success it examines a focus on the body and movement within the workplace.

A film by Adam Castle
Cast: Mark Kydd and Holly Woodhouse
Directed by Adam Castle
Assistant Director: Hong Anh Nguyen
Photography: Martin Allison
Orginal music: Aled Haywood
Lighting: Rob Candy
Lighting assistant: Alistair Sealy
Location sound recordist: Laia Coll Autet
Continuity: Chelsea Dunlop and Heather Brown
Movement: Aniela Piasecka, Adam Castle and the cast
Runners: David Pepper, Achintya Gupta and Serafima Mehhovits
Edited and produced by Adam Castle
Additional editing: Nathan Satin Silver