Adam Castle
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Lupi Lupi Lu

a musical film by Adam Castle
for BBC Scotland / LUX Scotland

A musical about being diagnosed with lupus, featuring a wolf and a butterfly. Lupus means wolf in latin, yet the symbol for most lupus organisations is a butterfly, named after the 'butterfly rash'. I had this rash when I was first diagnosed, and this film explores how the fear of diagnosis led me to not to research anything about the condition for over ten years.

Adam Castle
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Writer and director Adam Castle
Composer Aidan Teplitzky
Videographer Daniel Cook
Cast Margaret Scott and Scott Watson
Musicians Iain Clark, Laura Hundert, Andrew Macleod, Helen Matthews, Christopher Michie, Richard Scholfield, Marysia Turkowska
Editor Nathan Satin Silver
Sound design Nikita Gaidakov
Focus Puller Kieran Colquhoun
Gaffer Jack Darrer
Online Dangerous Studio
Runners Lindsey Brown, Renata Funari, Vincent Jozajtis, Elsa Parker, Kristian Stevenson-Edmunds, Graeme Williamson
Thanks to Ian Davide Bugarin Apolis, David Hunt, Ambroise Leclerc