Adam Castle


A musical film by Adam Castle

    In a nocturnal landscape of nightclubs, hotel rooms and theatres, four people swap between being performers or audience.

    Two women, Vanessa and Ms. Pasture, and two men, Redbrick and Phelix, find themselves in a swirl of interconnecting vignettes as they sing and dance for each other.

    Redbrick pays Phelix to watch him dance, Phelix turns Ms. Pasture into a drag queen and Ms. Pasture peels back the unconscious Redbrick’s eyes so he can watch Vanessa.

    Songs, from jazz numbers, to acapella, to karaoke ballads weave themselves throughout this interior nightscape

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    Directed by Adam Castle
    Produced by Pearce Cullen
    Original music and lyrics by Aidan Teplitzky

    Electra Marlen Djini
    Mark Kydd
    Nitai Levi
    Jaïrus Obayomi

    Director of photography: Mariella Pacey
    Offline Editor: Stephen Mulholland
    Post-production: Dangerous Studio
    Assistant Director: Gabriel Bagnaschi
    Choreography: Samuel Burkett
    Costume Designers:
    Rebecca Waites
    Kathryn Weaving
    Rosie Whiting
    Make-up: Jessica Matthews
    Camera Assistant: Radka Filipská
    Sound recordist: Jordan McClymont
    Gaffer: Bill Kapnis
    Assistant Gaffer: Rob Candy
    Theatrical lighting: Chris Armitstead
    Sound design, sound mix and foley recording: Nikita Gaidakov
    Script Supervisor: Heather Brown
    Data management: Joshua Brookes McInkinlay
    Sian Flora Duncan
    Isobel Williams
    Jordan Whiteside
    Sound engineer: Dave House

    Music: also featuring “It’s You” by ILO

    Alan Ballantine
    Johanna Breivang
    Ian Davide Bugarin Apolis
    Marc David Jacob
    Shinwoo Kim
    Blake Milteer
    Kerry Rush
    Isobel Williams
    Sarah McWhinney

    Accordion: Aileen Sweeney
    Double Bass/Bass Guitar: Callum Cronin
    Drum Kit: David Kerr
    Clarinet: Iain Clarke
    Piano: Stuart Moir
    Alto Saxophone: John Anthony Craig
    Tenor Saxophone: Rory Simons
    Trombone: Emily Tse
    Bb Trumpet: Rebecca Wilson
    Violoncello: Keena Wildman

    Supported by: Dangerous Studio and Black Light

    With thanks to
    Nelisa Alcalde
    Sarah Bell
    Leith Depot
    The University of Edinburgh
    Suede Gallery
    Tess Glen
    Torsten Lauschmann
    Harry Maberly
    Rose McCormack
    Hong Anh Nguyen
    Ailie Ormston
    Alex Weir

    Special thanks to
    Hilary Abbott
    David Albermann
    Isaac BD
    Tim Castle
    Harry Castle
    Beryl Castle
    Carolyn Cohn
    Eamon Cullen
    Emma Finn
    Hanna Heffner
    Harry Maberly
    Martha Prevezer
    Dorthea Saabye
    Ruth Selig
    Debbie Shewell

Adam Castle